Product: Live Bottom Bins
Engineer: CH2M Hill
Permitted Plant Flow: 14 MGD
Installation Date: June 1995

After having a Roplex Storage Silo for 18 years, the Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control District decided to replace the existing Silo. A new larger Silo was added as part of the recent upgrades to the Sludge Dewatering and Stablization. The Storage Silo holds 125 tons of dewatered lime stabilized biosolids. The District loads a tandem trailer, two at a time in 5 to 10 minutes according to Mr. Ron Mattheson, Plant Superintendent.

The silo is provided with a chute, which can be used to bypass the Silo and Discharger. “The Roplex Silo allows us to separate our dewatering process from our land application program. This provides us with a tremendous amount of flexibility”, said Mr. Mattheson. the entire Hopper and Storage Silo is supported by 4 load cells which provide a total weight within an accuracy of 1%. the load cells are used to control the discharge of an exact amount of material in to each truckload. the system uses a 16’ diameter Roplex Discharger. The discharger is capable of discharging at a rate of 250 tons per hour, using (2) 20 H.P. motors. The Silo has maximum diameter of 24’ with 70 degree sloped sides to a 16’ flange opening.

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Live Bottom Bins installed in Vallejo, California.