Product: EnVessel Pasteurization
Engineer: Strand Associates Inc.
Permitted Plant Flow: 8.7 MGD
Installation Date: Spring 2004

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is owned by the City of Seymour. The management of the facility, as well as the sewers throughout the city is contracted to Environmental Management Corporation of St. Louis, Missouri. The Seymour Wastewater Treatment Plant project included new headworks with fine screening and grit removal, oxidation ditch, three new clarifiers, post aeration tankage, a UV disinfection system, storm water pumping, sludge thickening, 2 dewatering centrifuges, a covered lime pasteurized biosolids storage area and an EnVessel Pasteurization System.

The EnVessel Pasteurization System is operated 24/7 for approximately 10-14 days and then remains idle for about 90 days. While in operation, plant operators are onsite 8 hours per day. The System runs the remainder of the day unattended. The plant produces about 700 dry tons per year of solids before lime addition for pasteurization. This Class A product is land applied by local farmers at agronomic loading rates between 3-5 dry tons per acre on mostly corn and some soybean fields.

Project details
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Class A biosolids pasteurization in Seymour, Indiana.