Product: TEKKEM Slaker
Engineer: Carollo Engineers
Permitted Plant Flow: 25 MGD
Installation Date: 2005

The City obtains untreated “raw water” from two sources. The city’s primary source of water is from wells along the Kansas river alluvial aquifer, which is pumped to Water Plant No. 2 for processing. Lake Olathe serves as a supplemental source of water, to meet high demands and is treated at Water Plant No. 1. In 2006, the City delivered approximately 4.97 billion gallons of drinking water to Olathe residents, businesses, and visitors, all of which was treated at Water Plant No. 2.

After recent completion of a plant wide upgrade the facility has a Design Rate of 25 MGD. One Tekkem Slaking System is located inside the existing 12 foot diameter silo to the far right in the above photograph. Lime for this slaker is also stored in the middle 12 foot diameter silo and is conveyed by a single screw conveyor to the Tekkem Slaker in the adjacent silo. The second Tekkem Slaking System is completely installed in the skirted area of the new 14 foot diameter silo.

Each Tekkem Slaking System has two rubber lined slurry pumps, one duty and one standby. These pumps then transport the lime slurry from each Slurry Aging Tank via an RDP supplied loop system. There are four slurry dosing points with an RDP supplied Pinch Valve and Magnetic Flow meter for each dosing point.

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TEKKEM Slaking system in Olathe, Kansas.