Product: EnVessel Pastuerization
Engineer: Stearns & Wheeler
Permitted Plant Flow: 9 MGD
Installation Date: December 2004

The South Coastal Regional Wastewater Plant serves Bethany Beach, Delaware and surrounding communities The facility is a 9.0 MGD activated sludge process that generates approximately 900 dry tons of biosolids prior to lime addition yearly. The Facility was the recipient of the US EPA’s Operation and Maintenance Excellence Award in 1999.
Prior to installation of the belt filter press and pasteurization equipment, the operators land applied 5 million gallons of Class B biosolids annually. Even though the facility has 3 sludge storage lagoons with a combined capacity of 1.9 million gallons, the staff had a limited time frame for liquid land application due to farming operations and weather conditions. The lime pasteurized product now called “South Coastal Blend” is returned to the earth in cooperation with about 16-18 farming operations. The product is used for soybeans, wheat and corn. The product can be stored at the facility or in the farmer’s field until ready for use.

According to District Manager, Loran George, “The EnVessel Pasteurization System has simplified our biosolids operation. We do not have storage issues anymore, in fact, we have more farmers that want ‘South Coastal Blend’ than we can produce. We simply deliver the product to the farmer who then applies our ‘South Coastal Blend’ to his fields.”

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Class A EnVessel Pasteurization in Bethany Beach, Delaware.